When you purchase a vinyl design from Creative Misfit, you will need to know exactly how to apply it to your surface, this is where this page comes in handy!

Step 1:

When you take your vinyl from the envelope you’ll notice it is in between a white background sheet and a clear sheet, the clear sheet is the ‘transfer tape’ and this is what holds your vinyl in place.

First make sure the surface you are going to apply the vinyl to is clean and free from dirt & grease, this is important because otherwise your vinyl design will not adhere well.

Step 2:

Now, using a squeegee, (if you don’t have one, a bank card will do the trick too!) rub over the surface of the transfer tape (clear sheet) from left to right, (using smooth slow motions so as not to tear the tape) on top of the design, this is to make sure it comes away from the white backing sheet nicely, I always do this before I send out but it’s always good to give it another going over before you try to peel.

Now very gently peel the transfer tape from the corner and you’ll notice your design comes with the tape (if it doesn’t, don’t worry, just press the whole thing back down onto the backing sheet and rub over the areas with your squeegee again until it is firmly stuck to the transfer tape & try peeling again) .

Step 3:

Once you have peeled your design from the white backing sheet and it is just stuck to the transfer tape, now you can apply it to the surface you prepared earlier. To do this, I recommend sticking one side first then pushing with your squeegee to the other side, so you don’t get air bubbles.

Step 4:

When it is applied, rub over with your squeegee again to ensure fully stuck. Now carefully lift the transfer tape from the corner and peel off. If the vinyl comes off with the tape, push the tape back down and rub over with squeegee again until stuck. Do this with the whole design and then when the transfer tape is completely off, you are done!

Now, that was easy wasn’t it!? 😁