Password Protected Blog Posts

Password Protected Blog Posts

I have decided to password protect some of my more personal blog posts, this is because I appreciate not everyone wants to read them and if you have subscribed to my blog then these might not be your cup of tea, so if you would like to read my protected posts, please do ask me and I’ll give you the password. 😊

Do you ever have those moments where you just have nothing to say, your minds gone blank and the words are just not there. It’s like having a brain freeze, it wants to work but it just doesn’t know how. This is me right now, I have total brain freeze on everything, I know I want to join in but I can’t make myself do it..

So if you notice I’m not around online for a bit then this’ll be why, I’m not off sulking or being anxious or depressed, I just have nothing to say. Sometimes life does this to me, I go well for ages then all of a sudden ‘whoosh’ it’s gone. It’s a bit frustrating but what can I do?

I’ll do some tweets here and there on my business twitter, I don’t want people to forget me or unfollow me because nobody needs a twitter without me in it, right? 😜

You’ll prob find I’ll suddenly come back and be all up in your faces again soon but I’m just waiting for that pizazz to return. 😳 In the meantime I’m going to try this week to get my head around making some different bits in clay and also digital downloads, I may even do some more vinyl designs if I can get my brain into gear 🤔 but I most definitely will be looking into updating my website..

So, don’t unfollow me or think I’m gone forever, I’ll be back soon 😁

(Coaster available in my shop by the way)

Have a great day 😘 x

Kindness Matters Everyday

Kindness matters no matter who you are, I think if we are kind to one another then life is better. I know more than anyone how hard it is when people are mean, especially when you have done nothing wrong in the first place, but I guess that’s life and that’s the way of the world unfortunately. I however, like to think I’m a kind person and I always give the benefit of the doubt where needed. 🙏

This video explains a little about how I have been feeling & how important I believe it is to be nice to one another.

If we all spent more time being a bit kinder then the world would be a better place, right? 😍

The design in the video is available to buy here: But I will also be doing other thing’s with this design so bear with me 😁

Social media is such a distraction …

Sometimes I am too distracted for my own good, I can spend ten minutes looking at something online one day then another I can spend hours and hours. Twitter, Instagram, YouTube & Pinterest are my addictions. There, I said it, I am an addict, do I have to go to a session with someone now? 🤪

I have often wondered about people online and I think this is why I like twitter so much (well the nice people anyway!) as you learn about them from their personality first, which is a bonus. But isn’t it funny how when we are on twitter we would do things we’d never normally do in the real world, like, I’d never normally interrupt someone’s conversation, imagine walking up to two or more strangers that were talking and just standing there joining in.. wouldn’t work would it 😂

Also, I wouldn’t be half as cheeky to people I don’t know in the street as I am on twitter, that would be kinda weird and might attract the wrong attention 😅

I think it’s good though to chat to others, it is for me anyway, I enjoy the banter & god knows we all need a bit of laughter in our lives 😁

Same goes for Instagram, so apologies if my presence isn’t all business, I like to just be me wherever I am online 😜

Anyway, I will be working in the background and getting things done but please do have a look at my shop & if there’s anything you like, please go ahead, it’s all available to buy ☺️

Thanks for reading and speak to you on the web! 🕸

Kindness Matters ♡

You will more than likely know this if you follow me on twitter or read my blog posts, I’ve had a bit of a horrible time this week on twitter with some nasty people bullying and harassing me. I won’t keep going on about it, after this post I won’t mention it again.

I struggle to understand how any person can be awful and constantly bully me into thinking the worse about myself, my business and my life, there is just no need. If you don’t follow someone or know them then you have no need to comment on their work, whether you like it or not. I wouldn’t dream of randomly saying nasty things about someone’s work, just for the sake of it. Hell, I wouldn’t anyway, there is no need for that kind of behaviour at all. Some people are bitter and nasty, clearly have nothing going for them and jealousy is a horrible feature. I was always told ‘if you can’t say something nice, say nothing at all’ and I taught my kids that too.

On another nicer note, I have had so many messages of support on twitter, I have had a hard time getting through them all and haven’t felt in the right headspace to reply until now & because there has been so many, I haven’t been able to reply to them all so if I haven’t replied, please know I have seen every one and I appreciate all your kindness. These include tweets to me and private messages, my inbox has never been so full. Thank you for your support, this has made me see how important my twitter friends are to me more than anything so it really is a blessing in disguise really.

Life throws some shit our way sometimes and we have to deal with it but I’ve never had to deal with anything like this before and it’s thrown me sideways. Life truly sucks sometimes but I am stronger than that and I will be back to my normal happy self before you know it. I won’t let some sad saps on social media bring me down. (If you are seeing this post on twitter, it’s because my website auto sends to twitter).

In the meantime I am going to concentrate on my work, I will be putting all my energy into new designs and new products, I will also be working on my website to give it a refresh. So lots to do to keep me busy and out of trouble ☺️

Keep being fabulous and keep smiling my gorgeous bunch of Misfits xxx #KindnessMatters

All my love, always x

I’m done..

I’m done..

Sometimes all it takes is one person/comment/insult to bring you down, this has happened to me today, I feel like I’m completely broken. When I was doing so well with my anxiety and mental health, I hadn’t cried in a while but all it took was a whole day of abuse online to push me to my limits, I guess it really does only take one thing to put you back to square one.

I feel like I can’t deal with everything right now, I’m done with everything online. Why people have to be so awful is beyond me, what sort of satisfaction do people get out of hurting others? I could never be like that to another person, online or not, it’s not the way I am. In an ordinary world (not in my anxiety filled world) I would be like oh fuck it, fuck off, but with my world I’m in right now I literally can’t cope. The smallest of things can upset me but when I get abuse all day long online from various accounts, it’s just too much for me. I’m going to have some time away from online, I need to try and get my head right, at the moment I can’t do that, I haven’t cried as much as I have today in a long while.

If I decide to come back at any point then it’ll be only when I feel better, properly. In the meantime all orders from my shop will be fulfilled over the next few days and sent out to you.

Thank you for all the love I’ve received on twitter from all the people that mean so much to me, the amount of dms and notifications I had were immense and I don’t think you realise how much they all meant to me, I’m sorry i didn’t reply to you all individually, there was so many. I am overwhelmed and I honestly felt loved by so many, it made me cry (happy tears). I appreciate all of you for having my back, it’s unreal how many friendships I have made on there and I won’t ever forget it. Thank you xx

My Clay makes..

My Clay makes..

I have decided to concentrate on my miniature food for my polymer clay makes, I love making food and there’s so much I can do, so from now on you’ll find most of my items are of the miniature food kind but I will make the odd other thing here and there, these will all be in my Limited Edition Clay section, they are limited edition because I will only make one of each thing, so once they are gone, they’re gone forever, I won’t be making them again, so you’ll have to be quick if you want them. I listed one of my new items in there today and it sold straight away! 🙂

My other items will stay the same, it’s just my clay items that are changing. Please also feel free to ask me still for custom items, I will still be doing them.

What’s it all about..?

What’s it all about..?

I thought I’d do a post about how I feel about my business as a whole & how I should change things to make my business better …

But then I decided not to, why? Because I think in all honesty people are not interested in that really 😬🤔

People like to read about other things, not just about business stuff, but I will say this, I know Creative Misfit is not the biggest or most popular small business out there and I will never win any awards on Twitter like many others do & I’ll never have 1000 followers anywhere, but that’s ok, I don’t mind at all because in the beginning Creative Misfit for me was about fun, I didn’t intend to become a business, I wanted website where I could share my ideas, designs, projects, so Creative Misfit for me was a hobby. I intend to carry on treating it that way too because then it is still fun for me, I don’t want to be bogged down with advertising every two minutes just begging for sales, if and when I get sales it’s a bonus of course but I’d rather not beg for them 😁

So, yes come and look at my website, come and see my products etc & please buy something if you like it but never think I’m ramming my products or whatever down your throat, that’s not what I’m about at all 😜

I use twitter & Instagram to not only show off my small business but also as a tool for me to let my personality shine through, I did rethink my social media in the sense that I maybe shouldn’t use it as personally as I do and even had someone basically tell me I shouldn’t. But, hey, they’re my accounts and if I choose to put tweets up about whatever or pics up of me then I will, it’s as simple as that. Creative Misfit is more than a business to me, it’s about me as a person too so you know what, if you don’t like that, oh well, jog on, I really couldn’t care less 🤭😁

Social media is about being ‘social’ and to me that means having fun with it, so if you don’t enjoy fun then you are following the wrong person 😜

Have a fantabulous day and I’ll speak to you on social media! 😘

Twitter is not just business..

Twitter is not just business..

Apologies to all those that follow me just for my business tweets, I use my twitter for business and my other usual nonsense so it’s a mix of all. If I’m not your ‘cup of tea’ then I am sorry about that, I believe a small business is more than that as it is run by a real life person too, someone that does it alone (probably) and that person has a personality aswell so we should embrace that within our tweets. I personally love to learn more about people from their tweets and see what they’re about. I don’t like seeing constant sale tweets, it’s boring. Yes, we all have to have a platform to sell on but mix it up a little too, bring out that fabulous sparkle and personality.

So, if I’m not for you, then all I can do is apologise, you don’t have to tell me about it though, it’s fine, I’d rather not know, thanks though ☺️

As you were… 😜

Life can be a bitch..

Minor setbacks are always in our lives, each and every one of us has them and there’s nothing we can do about it sometimes. We all have good days but we also all have the bad ones too, mine are very varied but I try to look on the bright side and manage as best I can.

Some days are ok, another not so much but today is a better day for me, the sun is shining, I managed to get appointment to get my hair done tomorrow but not in my usual salon as I don’t think I’m ready for that whole public thing just yet, my mum has a mobile hairdresser and she’s going to do my hair for me instead so that’s cheered me up, will make me feel new again, like it always did when I had my hair done. I really miss that part of me and my life, I’m not a girlie girl at all but I used to always get my hair done & my nails but when we moved in here I stopped then the anxiety started and things slowly got worse so having my hair done tomorrow will hopefully give me that spark back that I need so much. 🤞

Things on the business front for me have been good, nice and steady, I cannot complain at all and I am thankful that so many people like what I make and want to actually buy them. I’ll never take things for granted with my small business because some weeks can be busy, others not at all and because they vary so much it makes you appreciate every little sale, retweet, like or recommendation.

As always, I am very reliant on social media for pushing my products out there to ‘get seen’ and I am forever grateful for every retweet & like on twitter but I am now also on Instagram (again) and the same applies there. I wasn’t intending on getting back on that platform but someone encouraged me and here I am (you know who you are, thank you 😘) but I haven’t got around to posting many pics on there as of yet but you’ll soon be bored of me if you follow me on there ☺️(@cre8tivemisfit incase you want to follow me!)

I took a little step back from twitter, there’s times when things just make you look at yourself and feel like you can improve and twitter did that to me recently. I needed some time to myself to get myself back on track and resist that urge to tweet things I shouldn’t, I always tweet nonsense anyway but some things don’t need to be said, I have learnt that.

So I decided I needed a couple of days to refresh my mind a bit & then I’ll come back feeling me again. If you saw this post on twitter, it’s because when I post to my blog it automatically goes on my twitter feed, I’m not ‘back’ yet, you can relax 😬😉

If you know me then you know I won’t be off it for long, it’s like an addiction for me, one I can’t control and I see all those people in my phone as my friends because I talk to you all on a daily basis, we laugh, we moan, we are sad and we smile together, that’s all important to me, you all are important to me and I appreciated every last one of you. There are some of you I am very close to and are always there for me and I’m grateful for that but always remember I’m here for you too 🥰

So, when life is pulling you down, always take time to get yourself back up but do always make yourself get back up and if you need a little shove, that’s alright too.

Life can be a bitch but we can do this 😉😜 Have a great day x

Mwah! Xx