So, what is there to know about me and my website?

Let me fill you in…

I’m Nicky, I am a creative person with a need for design in my life, I have always been creative since I was little. I’ve had many websites over the years, starting off when I used Paint Shop Pro & just made bits and bobs for forums I was a part of, then it expanded into more when I learnt Photoshop, then I really began to want to show my creative side. So much so, I decided to make a business out of my designs, I used to design all sorts of thing’s but it really started when I was designing & printing mugs back in 2014. I decided to buy myself a sublimation printer, mug heat press and give it a go, it went brilliantly, can’t complain at all, I made loads of sales on my own website. I even sold some mugs to the Siddiqui family on Channel 4’s award winning show Gogglebox, which I can happily say they still use on the show even now! I have to confess it makes me proud every time I see one of my mugs on the TV so thanks Baasit , Umar & Sid 😉

 I had another small business called Mowll Studio before I started this website, I sold all thing’s I could design but mainly stickers, I sold the mug press & sub printer and got myself a cutter machine instead, I did well with the stickers but mostly to other small businesses. I suppose my biggest problem then was advertising, I didn’t have the money to spend on it and I didn’t have the time to sit on social media all hours trying to ‘promote’ – so I called it a day.

Now though I use this website to blog, I like to witter on about stuff you see, (can probably tell from this page alone) but I will also add all thing’s I design, they might be anything from desktop & mobile wallpapers to calendars or even greetings cards you can print yourself and use.

Keep an eye out for all new thing’s on my blog.

You can also view my products in my shop in the menu, I have a Free Stuff section where you can download directly from the website for free. All other products are to purchase, you can view everything on the shop individually then if you’d like to buy something, click the button to purchase! Simples! 🙂

Thanks for coming along to read, enjoy the site!